GRS community seder

On 11 April GRS held its annual second night Seder, with about 40 in attendance. Ably led by Howard and Fiona Brodie, it featured a ‘work-in-progress’ haggadah compiled by Fiona, with a stimulating variety of readings.

To break the ice and put us in a festive mood, the seder began with a short skit set on board the Starship Enterprise (an excerpt from an entire Star Trek themed seder held in the US!). Following this, Fiona read a D’var Torah on personal choices for Pesach observance by Student Rabbi Daniel Lichman. The seder then proceeded on a more ‘traditional’ note, with most attendees taking a reading, and with lots of lively singing.

And what would a seder be without a delicious dinner, in this instance catered by Linda Wolfson, Eileen Caroll and helpers.

Thanks to all for a stimulating and delicious evening!

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