Thought for the Day

BBC Radio Scotland’s Thought for the Day on 29 September was presented by GRS member (and former Chair) David Goodman, a regular contributor to Thought for the Day. He spoke about our late member Martin Anson’s experiences during the Holocaust, later steps toward reconciliation, and a recent “friendship” trip to Germany by the Anson family.

You can listen to David’s contribution on the Good Morning Scotland programme on BBC iPlayer: for the Day starts at 1:22:06 into the programme, and will be available for listening until 29 October, 8 am.

You can find out more about Martin and the experiences of others (including some current GRS members) who sought sanctuary in Scotland to escape the racism of Nazi-dominated Europe through the project Gathering the Voices.

Radio Scotland usually has a Jewish contribution to Thought for the Day on the eve of Jewish holidays, so do tune in!