Thought for the Day: David Goodman on David Baddiel

BBC Radio Scotland’s Thought for the Day on 16 March was presented by GRS member (and former Chair) David Goodman, a regular contributor to Thought for the Day. He spoke about seeing Jewish comedian David Baddiel’s one man show in Glasgow, which he found “funny…at times outrageous and thought provoking, as well as…mildly shocking”, as the comedian wove a brutally honest tale, laying bare parts of his own life as well as the dysfunctional existence of his parents (his mother, a refugee from the Holocaust). “Releasing pent-up anger and emotion through humor, Jewish or otherwise, is undoubtedly a great release…laughter is not just the best, but often the only medicine.”

You can listen to David G’s contribution on the Good Morning Scotland programme on BBC iPlayer: It will be available for listening through 14 April.

Radio Scotland usually has a Jewish contribution to Thought for the Day on the eve of Jewish holidays, so keep an ear out: perhaps we can expect something next week for Pesach!