Mitzvah Day at GRS

Mitzvah Day on Sunday 19 November was a great success at GRS. A café was available for breakfast and lunch for members and visitors, and a sale of nearly new clothes and trinkets was organised. It was also wonderful to see the Cheder children joining in our efforts! They packaged donations of food for the local food bank and prepared personalised parcels for lonely members of the community, complete with very thoughtful Mitzvah Day cards carefully designed and made by them. Proceeds will be shared between our chosen charity Chai Cancer Care and our Prayer House refurbishment project.
Synagogue members regularly participate in activities with Interfaith Glasgow. As a Mitzvah Day activity in conjunction with Scottish Interfaith Week, volunteers helped out at the Kagyu Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre soup kitchen on Sunday evening, preparing food and distributing it to the homeless in Glasgow City Centre.

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Cheder activities in May

The Cheder has been very busy over the past month with arts and crafts activities. For Lag BaOmer, our Cheder children learned of the holiday traditions, and we created small bonfire sculptures to demonstrate one of the holiday main customs. For Shavuot, our Cheder children learned about the origins of …

Cheder Purim

On Sunday 12 March the cheder children celebrated the holiday of Purim. They created giant masks based on the theme of the עדלאידע Ad-lo-yada, the big mask parades held in the big cities in Israel to celebrate the holiday. We were visited by Joe Grabiner of RSY Netzer, who judged …

Survivors’ portraits in Monotype, by the Children of GRS Cheder

The children of GRS Cheder discussed and worked on this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day topic “Survival, how can life go on”. We looked into Otto Frank and his thoughts about being the only surviving member of the Frank family. We researched Holocaust survivors and their views of their own survival. …